Workout Finishers 2.0

Workout Finishers 2.0

flatI first wrote a review on Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers program a few months ago. I was so impressed with what Mike had to offer I had to tell my readers about it. Anyway, as I was searching the net earlier today I visited Mike’s blog and then consequently enough I found myself on the Workout Finishers website.

Something was different.

I looked and looked and I noticed the layout was different.

Then I noticed the header was different – blue instead of the old red.

“Ahhhh Mike’s got a new design to the site. I like it!”

Then the massive red countdown timer caught my eye – don’t ask why I didn’t see it before.

Which only explained one thing – Mike the creator behind the original Workout Finishers program is having a re-launch.

So for those of you that didn’t jump on the first wave, you might be wondering what exactly a workout finisher is?

What is a Workout Finisher?

“A workout finisher is a small workout that you ‘plug’ onto the end of your original workout to maximize fat burning.”


Workout Finishers 2.0 is slightly different…

What is Workout Finishers 2.0?

Okay so in his previous program Mike concentrated on providing workouts that were mainly interval based. They worked and when used properly they could give you some fantastic results.

However…(I do love a ‘linking’ word!)

I always felt as if there was something missing from his previous program. It just didn’t quite feel as if the program was finished. Now don’t get wrong I loved the original program – in-fact I use some of Mike’s finishers in my own workouts, but with that said I always felt as if there was something missing. There wasn’t that much variety.

…and then along came Workout Finishers 2.0.

Workout Finishers 2.0 focuses on something called Metabolic Stacking.

Metabolic Stacking is where 4 different variables are strategically put together to achieve even better results than your average finishers.

So what are these 4 different variables? Well here they are;


This is where you will perform more in the same (or less) amount of time. A great example of density training would be 20-10 – this is where you exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. You’ll then repeat for a total of 4, 8, 12 or 16 minutes. (This can vary sometimes)

Active Recovery

This is where you will still be putting your muscles under stress. So for instance take the dumbbell fly for example, an active rest would be if you held the dumbbells in the start position while you were ‘resting’ – hence the name active rest.

Strategic Rest Periods

I know from my own experience with my own clients, that by just changing the rest periods between sets (or reps), it can have a massive effect on how much fat they burn and how quickly they burn it.

High Volume Using Unique Set & Rep Schemes.

Just by changing the amount of reps (along with the load) can also have a real positive effect on your fat burning efforts.

……and stick ‘em all together?

“You’ve got yourself a lean mean fat-burning machine – no joke.”

Finally I think I’m putting my finger on what was missing from the first edition of Workout Finishers….

So that’s what Workout Finishers 2.0 focuses on, now onto the next question…..

What do I get for my money?

Workout Finishers 2.0 Review – What Do I Get?


So in the last edition Mike gave you a PDF that walked you through 40 different workout finishers, you were also given a PDF that contained bodyweight finishers, cardio finishers, the Torch workout program and a Turbulence Training Abs PDF.

With the new edition you’re given over 50 workout finishers.

Density Finishers

These finishers are based around metabolic density training or MDT for short. Like I explained above MDT is getting more done (ie reps) in the same amount of time as you normally would do or less. Basically MDT means your training harder but not sacrificing any more of your precious time.

Metabolic Circuit Finishers

For those of you that didn’t catch my last review – a circuit is when 3 or more exercises are performed one after another with little or no rest. The circuit workouts in this part of the program can be done in less than 10 minutes – again great for those who don’t ‘have enough time’ to workout.

Ladder Finishers

This is a method of training that both I and my clients love! Ladder workouts are great for fat loss. In a nutshell ladder workouts are where you perform a certain number until failure – stopping and starting as if your going up a ladder.

Gauntlet Finishers

The ‘Gauntlet’ workouts were first inspired by Craig Ballantyne (Metabolic Gauntlet, TT Gauntlet Bodyweight Workouts). This part of the program focuses working your body at a higher level than your normally used to. Turbulence Training members will know how hard Gauntlet workouts are.

Superset Finishers

Again, for those of you that missed my initial review of Workout Finishers here’s what supersets are. A superset is where two exercises are performed one after another. So for instance you might do a dumbbell squat and then a shoulder press as the second exercise – this would be a super set exercise.

So as you can imagine the amount of fat you can burn using supersets is phenomenal.

Upper Body Finishers

As the name suggest these workouts focus on the upper body. These finishers will primarily work the shoulders, arms and chest.

Lower Body Finishers

Again, as the name suggests Mike has given us various different workout finishers that will primarily work our legs.

Finishers Library

In this PDF Mike just outlines all of the exercises that you will find in the main section of the program. Every exercise is detailed and comes complete with pictures.
So with all that said, there must be some cons right?

Metabolic Chaos

In addition to the above PDF’s you’ll also be give a program to follow. This part of the program incorporates Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), Metabolic Conditioning Training (MCT) and some great finishers. The program last for 4 weeks.

The Cons…..

I would say the biggest thing that gets to me is the amount of reading that has to be done. Now of course there are lots of pictures as well, but the point I am trying to make is it would have been great if Mike created Workout Finishers 2.0 with videos – just like Craig did with his Home Workout Revolution program.

I think a membership area with all the videos in would have been a great idea.

Does the fact that Workout Finishers 2.0 is mainly presented in a PDF format take away from the quality of the program though? Of course not!

The Pro’s

The main thing that stands out about this edition of Workout Finishers is Mike has clearly put a lot of thought into it. Metabolic Stacking is a great way to lose fat – combining MDT, active rest periods, high volume rep schemes and strategic rest periods.

Another thing I like more about the 2.0 version of Workout Finishers is, the fact Mike doesn’t use long boring cardio – in-fact in this edition he completely gets rid of the traditional cardio finishers – something I must say I wasn’t too keen on in the first place. Of course when done properly (interval training) cardio can burn fat – however it’s mind numbingly boring. So two thumbs up for Mike on that one.

Finally this one might be a little biased but it’s defiantly one of my favourite things that stand out about Workout Finishers 2.0 – and that’s the Ladder Finishers.

I’m a true lover of ladder workouts – I remember the first time I performed a set of standard push ups using the ladder method, boy was I sore for days. (Think I pushed myself to hard – sacrificing exercise form…oops)
Now of course you don’t want to sacrifice your exercise form, so follow Mike’s Ladder Finisher PDF properly and you’ll be fine.

Overall Summary

This version not only gives you more bang for your buck than the previous version, but the workouts that are contained in this edition are more effective.

I like the Metabolic Stacking, and how Mike has managed to combine all the important ingredients of fat loss into an easy to follow program.

I think the question really is

‘How does Workout Finishers 2.0 compare with Workout Finishers?’

…and if I was to lay it out in plain and simple terms – I would say there was no comparison really.

Workout Finishers 2.0 has not only beaten the original edition, but it’s blown it our of the water completely.

Again, like I say maybe next time (Workout Finishers 3.0???) Mr Whitfield could do a video program?

As good as the first edition of Workout Finishers was, I always thought something was missing but I couldn’t quite workout (no pun intended) what it was – now I know – ‘coz with Workout Finishers 2.0 Mike’s filled those gaps in perfectly.

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